It can be used on a range of fabrics including linen, cotton, wool, silk, synthetics, polyester, acrylic, polyamide, nylon and more.

Before ironing your clothing or fabrics for the first time, remove any adhesive stickers, plastic covers or cardboard sleeves. Ensure the power is turned off before filling up your Ironfast UV Steam Iron with water. It is recommended that you use Ironfast UV Steam Iron on a damp piece of cloth for a few minutes. This will ensure that any residue left over from the manufacturing process is removed from the Ceramic Plate and won’t transfer to your clothes.

NB: You may notice a slight odour and a small amount of smoke during this time, but this is perfectly normal and should disappear quickly.

Once you have filled your Ironfast with water, turn it on at the mains and the “min” indicator will light up.

When selecting the steam level selection button to “high”, the UV decorative light lights up and the thermostat light flashes. This means that the iron is heating up. When the thermostat light is steady, it means the iron has reached a high enough temperature. Each time you should preheat the iron for 2 minutes before use.


  1. For continuous steam, press the steam trigger for 1 second.
    This will automatically generate 1 minute of continuous steam.
    To stop the continuous steam, press the steam trigger a second time.
  2. Pressing the steam trigger for more that 3 seconds will result in the steam on demand manual function being activated.

Pressing the steam trigger whilst in this mode releases bursts of steam.

With every purchase of the Iwantar Ironfast UV Steam Iron you will receive a Filling Jug to be used in conjunction with your iron. For best results use bottled or filtered water where possible. Fill up your iron to the max line (300ml) to ensure you have ample volume of water to iron all your clothes. Should you need to refill the tank always ensure you turn your iron off at the mains. Discard any remaining water in your tank once you have finished ironing.

A slight odour may emit on first time use of your Ironfast UV Steam Iron This is perfectly normal and it should disappear after the first couple of uses. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 02 9387 4100 should you have any queries or concerns.

After each use
To ensure the longevity of your new Ironfast UV Steam Iron always ensure you turn the power off at the mains. Ensure any excess water remaining in the water tank, is discarded after use.

Allow your Iwantar Ironfast UV Steam Iron to cool down before winding the cord around the body of the iron.
Always store in an up right position. Do not store with sole plate facing down or in the packaging.

We suggest using the Auto-cleaning function every month by using the 6 steps as per below

  1. Pour 100ml of water into the water tank and plug in.
  2. Prepare a basin full of water and hold the iron horizontally above the basin.
  3. The on standby, auto pump will start when the steam level selection button is pressed for 7 seconds.
  4. The iron will be heated and cleaned after pumping. Heat and steam will be generated when cleaning. Gently shake the iron back and forth to clean out any lime scale on the soleplate. Please pay attention to the hot water to prevent scalding.
  5. Iron will be powered off after the auto clean function has finished. It will take 6 minutes for the whole process to be completed.
  6. Use a wet cloth to wipe over the sole plate after cooling.

NB: if you want to stop the iron during the cleaning process, press the steam level selection button.

Most regular irons have a steam function, however they often are quite laborious in that in order to use the steam you are required to repetitively press the steam button.

The Ironfast UV Steam Iron is superior in that it is a steam station, featuring an advanced steam force system producing a high-pressure surge of steam which smooths the most stubborn wrinkles. It consists of a user-friendly auto thermo control system (100 – 150 degrees). This strong steady stream of steam is delivered on one press of the steam button due to the in built steam generator, powering through wrinkles instantly resulting in freshly pressed clothes of professional standard. The Ironfast UV Steam Iron only requires one pass to achieve superior results unlike other regular irons that take multiple passes to do only half the job.

The Iwantar Ironfast UV Steam Iron will automatically shut off and the steam level indicator flashes and makes a ‘Beep” sound 3 times, if the iron is left unused for 5 minutes. If you want to restart the iron, please press the Steam level selection button again.

The vertical ironing function allows for the ironing of wrinkles on hanging clothes, curtains or upholstery.

  • Setting the steam level at high, the iron can be used when the indicator light is steady
  • Hold the iron directly in front of each garment and by pressing the steam trigger, you can start to iron vertically

The Iwantar Ironfast UV Iron is a lightweight, yet extremely powerful steam iron.
It weighs 1.38kg, making your ironing easier to complete.