Ironfast UV Iron

Are you tired of expensive dry-cleaning bills and wasting your time on ineffective irons? Introducing our brand new Iwantar Ironfast UV Iron, the intelligent thermo sensing iron specifically designed with pioneered UV steam technology. It features 2 steam functions; steam on demand and the powerful continuous steam, allowing for both horizontal and vertical ironing on ALL fabrics!

It’s auto thermo control system automatically adjusts the temperature to suit the fabric you are ironing, preventing burnt fabric from incorrect temperature settings. This means no confusing dials or gauges, just one button for all fabrics! The non-stick sole plate means you can iron any fabric including sequins, beading, silk and even prints, without damaging your clothing.

With the state of the art UV Disinfected steam, you never worry about getting brown marks on your clothes again. The patented UV steam technology breaks down the water into disinfected moisturised micro steam particles which easily penetrate into the fabric, softening the fibres and removing the creases quickly and easily, whilst also refreshing and neutralising odours.

Reduce your energy bill with the Iwantar Iron fast UV Iron. It has a low carbon emission and a power consumption of just 1100W, saving you up to 60% more energy than a standard iron, making Ironfast UV Iron both energy efficient and money saving. It’s auto shut off feature keeps you and your family safe meaning you never have to worry about leaving your iron on again!